International Journal of Hematology and Oncology 2023, Vol 33, Num 4 Page(s): 029-036
The Relationship Between Prognosis and Plasma Cell Percentage, Infiltration Pattern, Fibrosis and Microvascular Density in Bone Marrow Biopsies of Plasma Cell Myeloma Patients

Hazal IZOL OZMEN1, Ahmet SEYHANLI2, Guner Hayri OZSAN2, Hulya ELLIDOKUZ3, Sermin OZKAL4

1Basaksehir Cam and Sakura City Hospital, Department of Pathology
2Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Hematology
3Dokuz Eylül University, Institute of Oncology, Department of Preventive Oncology
4Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pathology

Keywords: Plasma cell myeloma, Bone marrow, Angiogenesis, Fibrosis
Plasma cell myeloma is a monoclonal disease characterized by anemia, monoclonal protein in serum and/or urine, osteolytic lesions in bones, hypercalcemia, and renal failure. The study aims to evaluate the percentage of plasma cells in bone marrow, the pattern of bone marrow involvement, the intensity of fibrosis and angiogenesis in bone marrow, and to assess their relationship with clinical prognostic markers. In this study, bone marrow biopsies of 135 plasma cell myeloma cases were re-evaluated regarding plasma cell percentage and the pattern of bone marrow involvement. Fibrosis was assessed in 132 cases with reticulin staining and micro- vessel density (MVD) in 51 cases with CD34 staining. The relation of these morphological parameters with stage and survival status was analyzed. Plasma cell percentage, involvement pattern and micro-vessel density showed statistically significant correlation with stage, while bone marrow fibrosis was not significantly correlated (p< 0.05, p= 0.001, p= 0.011, p> 0.05, respectively). Elevation in percentage of plasma cells, diffuse pattern of bone marrow involvement, and increase in the degree of fibrosis was correlated with an increase in MVD (p< 0.001, p< 0.001, p= 0.036; respectively). The present study suggested that evaluation of plasma cell percentage, infiltration pattern, fibrosis and micro-vessel density in bone marrow biopsies of newly diagnosed plasma cell myeloma cases might be useful tools in the management and maintenance of the treatment.