International Journal of Hematology and Oncology 2019, Vol 29, Num 4 Page(s): 205-212
Expression of Survivin in Squamous Cell Lung Cancer and Its Correlation with Prognosis

Burcu Y. TASKOYLU1, Gamze G. DOGU2, Aydın DEMIRAY3, Hakan AKCA3, Ferda BIR4, A. Gokcen DEMIRAY1, Arzu YAREN2, Ahmet ERGIN6

1Denizli State Hospital, Medical Oncology Clinic, Denizli, TURKEY
2University of Pamukkale Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Denizli, TURKEY
3University of Pamukkale Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Biology, Denizli, TURKEY
4University of Pamukkale Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pathology, Denizli, TURKEY
5University of Pamukkale Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health, Denizli, TURKEY

Keywords: Survivin, Squamous cell lung cancer, Survival
There are outstanding studies on the importance of survivin and inhibition of apoptosis in many cancers, including lung. Evaluation ofthe relationship between survivin expression in lung cancer and prognosis is the aim of this study. A total of 50 patients with a diagnosisof squamous cell lung carcinoma were included in this study. Survivin levels that were obtained with IHC (immunohistochemical)and RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) methods from the tumor and metastatic lymph node tissues embeddedin paraffin blocks were evaluated along with clinical parameters. The median age of the patients was 60 years (range 54-69). Allpatients were male and all of them were smokers. The mean duration of follow-up and disease-free survival was 42.08±22.46 monthsand 40.62±22.46 months, respectively. Significant associations were found among survivin levels in metastatic lymph nodes andduration of smoking (IHC and RT-PCR), angiolymphatic invasion (IHC), the number of mitosis (RT-PCR) ( p= 0.05 and p= 0.05, p<0.001, p= 0.02, respectively). Survivin showed statistically significant associations with angiolymphatic invasion and stage in multivariateanalysis (p< 0.001, p= 0.04, respectively). An association was not found between survivin levels in tumor and lymph nodes andsurvival. Higher survivin levels in lymph nodes detected by IHC was associated with shorter survival but that didn't reach statisticalsignificance (65.22±5.16 vs 42.33±11.97, p= 0.72). Further larger studies done with larger numbers of patients are required in orderto evaluate its effects in our society.